UK couple dive into marriage with underwater wedding

Lisa Huggins and Christopher Jackson took the plunge at an oceanarium

When Lisa Huggins and Christopher Jackson got married there truly was not a dry eye in the house.

The pair took their love for scuba diving, and each other, to new heights, or depths, actually, by tying the knot underwater.

In one of the UK’s first underwater weddings, the happy couple got married in the 864,000-litre tropical oceanarium at the Bear Grylls Adventure centre in Marston Green, Birmingham.

Despite the unusual surroundings they still wore traditional wedding attire, including a flowing bridal gown for Lisa and suit for Christopher.

The Jacksons, from Derbyshire, who have been together for five years, had some unusual wedding guests – including blacktip reef sharks. They were surrounded by fish during the service.

The bride, 38, said: “We were going to get married in Cyprus, then, with Covid, we couldn’t travel, and then with guest restrictions it put a halt to everything really.

“So, for us, this was a good way really, we could keep the numbers down and do something that we love.

Lisa Huggins, left and Chris Jackson during their underwater wedding ceremony at Bear Grylls Adventure, in Birmingham. AP Photo

“We trained to be scuba divers together so it’s sort of a journey that we started on together … so getting married was just another part of that journey for us, our diving journey.”

Mr Jackson, 43, said the couple had to be imaginative after the coronavirus pandemic disrupted their plans.

“With Covid, we couldn’t get married because we were in lockdown and so on,” he said.

“Then we contacted these guys here about an underwater feature because we’re both scuba divers and they said ‘Yeah, we’d love to do that’ – so here we are today.”

Updated: September 9th 2021, 2:01 PM