Antivirus founder John McAfee reveals his Twitter has been hacked

Tweets were posted on Mr McAfee’s account promoting unknown crypto currencies

John McAfee said his Twitter account was compromised. William Gularte/ Reuters
John McAfee said his Twitter account was compromised. William Gularte/ Reuters

Antivirus founder John McAfee has revealed his Twitter has been hacked and used to promote unknown crypto-currencies.

Mr McAfee, who founded global security software company McAfee in 1987, said the hack was no reflection on his credentials as a security expert.

"Though I am a security expert, I have no control over Twitter's security,” the British-American businessman explained.

Mr McAfee announced the breach on Twitter, writing on Wednesday: “Urgent: My account was hacked.Twitter has been notified. The coin of the day tweet was not me. As you all know... I am not doing a coin of the day anymore!!!!”

Mr McAfee said he believed his phone had also been compromised.


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"The first indication that I had been hacked was turning on my cell phone," he told the BBC.

When he did so, he saw an error message. "I knew at that point that my phone had been compromised."

"All that the hacker did was compromise my Twitter account. It could have been worse,” he added.

It is still unclear who it was that hacked the security expert’s account, although some have suggested it might have been bots hoping to drive investors to crypto currencies.

After the breach, Mr McAfee tweeted: "I have haters. I am a target. People make fake accounts, fake screenshots, fake claims. I am a target for hackers who lost money and blame me. Please take responsibility for yourselves. Adults only please."

Published: December 29, 2017 04:16 AM


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