55 years later, memories of JFK assassination still resurface in November

US Secret Service takes to Twitter remembering the tragedy

As a Roman Catholic of Irish ancestry it was alleged that John F Kennedy might take orders from the Pope and put his faith before his country. AP 
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On November 22, 1963, just a few days before the United States celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, the country, and seemingly much of the world reacted with shock as news spread about the assassination of the 35th President of the US, John F Kennedy.

Many Americans still remember where they were upon first hearing about Kennedy's assassination.

However, one man, former US Secret Service agent Clint Hill, definitely remembers more than most.

Hill was the man who jumped on to the car President Kennedy and his wife Jackie were riding in during a parade in Dallas as shots rang out.

The US Secret Service took to Twitter to make note of Hill’s act of bravery on that day in 1963.

“This week Special Agent Clint Hill shielded Jackie Kennedy with his body in 1963,” reads the Secret Service’s tweet in part.

In response to the tweet, Clint Hill, now 86 years old, reflected on the bravery of all secret service agents.

“I am humbled and proud to be among the ranks of my fellow agents,” he wrote.

Hill also reacted to historian tweets highlighting photos of the Kennedy’s arrivals in Dallas just before the assassination.

"That's me behind Mrs Kennedy," he tweeted. He said, the crowd greeting the president and his wife was much larger than anticipated.

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss tweeted photos of Kennedy’s arrival in Texas.

In hindsight, many of the pictures seem poignant and somewhat eerie as both Kennedy and his wife smile for the crowds and enjoy the company of other elected officials in Texas.

Just one day later, Kennedy was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, who in turn, was shot and killed just two days later in the Dallas County Jail.

The assassination reverberated for years in the US.

In 1968, the images and memories were tragically rehashed, as JFK's brother, Robert F Kennedy, was assassinated in California while running for president.

The man who shot him, Sirhan Sirhan, remains incarcerated.

As for Hill, the agent who shielded JFK's wife, he remained in the secret service until 1975, and was most recently awarded the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award for his years of service.

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