Saudi Arabia condemns Bahrain embassy attack in Baghdad

Riyadh said the attacks, which were in protest at Manama's hosting of the US-led economic conference, were 'unacceptable'

Iraqi security forces stand guard outside the Bahraini embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, June 28, 2019. REUTERS/Thaier al-Sudani

Saudi Arabia on Sunday condemned an attack on Bahrain's embassy in Baghdad, which was carried out by protesters who objected to Manama's hosting of the US-led economic conference last week.

The Gulf island nation recalled its ambassador from Iraq following the attack on Thursday night, when more than 200 Iraqi protesters broke into the courtyard of the embassy.

“The Kingdom welcomes the Iraqi government’s position on this unacceptable attack and the measures taken to provide the necessary protection for the safety of the Bahraini mission,” the Saudi state news agency said, quoting a source at the foreign ministry.

Bahrain and Iraq must “overcome this incident”, said the statement, adding that Riyadh stands by the two states in all endeavours that will "enhance security and stability in the region”.

The attacks were also condemned by the Iraqi government, which expressed its "deep regret” over the security breach at the embassy.

"The government of Iraq affirms its absolute rejection of any acts which threaten diplomatic missions, their safety and the security of their personnel," the foreign minister said in a statement.

Bahrain also summoned the Iraq embassy in Manama's charge d’affaires on Friday to protest the "sabotage" of their embassy's building, a statement from the Bahraini foreign ministry said.

The attacks were in protest at Bahrain's hosting of the US's controversial conference, which sought to inspire investment in Palestine as part of the Trump administration's plan to address the Israel-Palestine conflict. However, no official Israeli representatives were invited and the Palestinian authorities chose to boycott the event.