Kuwaiti man arrested over Ramadan shootings of three Indians

Government worker told investigating officers that he killed two of the men because 'they were eating during Ramadan.'

KUWAIT CITY // A Kuwaiti employed by the ministry of interior has been arrested in connection with a Ramadan shooting that left at least three Indian men dead, a security source said yesterday.

The arrested man, who is not a police officer, told investigating officers that he killed two of the men on Monday evening because "they were eating during Ramadan", the source said.

The so-far unidentified man has a history of mental illness, the source said, adding: "I think he's mad, or something."

A janitor and a tea boy, the first two victims, were killed at a farm in an area south-west of Kuwait City. The farm is reportedly owned by the arrested man's family. Media reported that the man was caught with a shotgun.

Another Indian was murdered at the house of the detainee's father, reportedly in the Saad Al Abdullah area west of Kuwait City, the security source said. An Ethiopian maid narrowly escaped the same fate when she fled from the gunman in the house.

The local online news agency, Alaan, reported that the body of a fourth man, an Asian shepherd, was discovered yesterday.

There have been no official statements about the shootings and it is not clear if the victims were Muslims or non-Muslims. The arrested man was on sick leave from the ministry for reasons related to his mental health, the Arab Times stated. He had recently been in a psychiatric hospital for two weeks.


Published: August 4, 2011 04:00 AM


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