Arab Coalition forces shoot down suspected Houthi drone

The first Yemeni parliament is supposed to be held next Saturday

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., June 19, 2018. Allegedly used Iranian weapons that have been used in Yemen.  A shot down drone on display.
Victor Besa / The National
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The Arab Coalition air defence intercepted a drone on Thursday launched by Iranian backed Houthis over Seiyun city, Southeast Yemen, a military source in Hadramawt told The National.

“The Arab Coalition air defence system detected the Houthi remoted drone over the outskirts of Seiyun city in Hadramawt at 5AM local time and destroyed it before reaching its target”, the military source said.

“The drone debris fell in the Shahouh area causing no casualties”.

He added that the drone destroyed is bigger than the drones that the Houthis use to launch over targets in liberated areas and over Saudi cities on the southern border with Yemen.

The Arab coalition in Yemen previously struck Houthi targets in the capital Sanaa on Wednesday, Saudi state TV reported.

The first Yemeni parliament is supposed to be held next Saturday in the Hadramawt province.

137 politicians from different blocks in the Yemeni parliament had an introductory meeting last Tuesday in Seiyun and agreed upon forming a new presiding board for the parliament.

They selected Al-Sheikh Sultan Al-Barakani as a speaker of the house and Muhsin Basera as his deputy, Mohammed Al-Hazmi, an MP in the Yemeni parliament told The National.

“Parliament is ready to resume its regular sessions from Seiyun city for the first time since the war erupted in Yemen in the end of 2014”, Mr. Al-Hazmi said

“The parliament will activate the state institutions and help the Yemeni government to do its job efficiently through approving the annual budget of the state and practice control and accountability over its (the government’s)  performance” Mr. Al-Hazmi added.

The Coalition states headed by Saudi Arabia supported the Yemeni parliament logistically to hold its sessions from Hadramawt province through providing all the needs for the members of parliament, including accommodation and the security affairs.

Saudi forces had arrived in Seiyun earlier this week to secure the area where the parliament is supposed to set its sessions

The presence of the Yemeni parliament in Seiyun city comes amidst an increasing rejection by the residents of the city for holding its sessions in their city. Thousands took to streets protesting against the parliament sessions. Protesters claim parliament doesn’t represent the Southern region of Yemen and they reject its presence under any circumstance.

“The Yemeni parliament is the body which legitimized oppressing the South, looting its resources. It represents the north only so they should hold their sessions in any other place in northern Yemen “ said one protestor.