Flemish nationalists offer Donald Trump part of Belgium for €1

The news comes after the US president was laughed off for attempting to buy Greenland from Denmark

Grand Place in Mons, Belgium, in the Waloon region Flemmish activists offered to sell to Donald Trump for €1 Gregory Mathelot / Mons 2015
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US President Donald Trump has been offered the chance to buy part of Belgium for a discounted price by the youth wing of the country's Flemish nationalist party.

The offer comes after Mr Trump was rebuffed by Denmark's Prime Minister when he considered the idea of buying the Arctic territory of Greenland.

In a tweet on Friday, the youth wing of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), Jong N-VA, said Mr Trump could have Wallonia, a French-speaking region in the south of Belgium, for just €1 (Dh 4).

The group shared an image of a Trump Tower looming over the Waloon city of Durbuy, imitating the president’s own image he tweeted of the buildings in Greenland.

The tweet has already caused some consternation among Waloons, who reside in the French-speaking part of Belgium, but the president of Jong N-VA, Lawrence Vancraeyenest, told Euronews that it was meant as a joke.

"It was just a joke aimed at a young Flemish audience, going along with something trending on Twitter, nothing more," he told the French news network.

"I sincerely hope there is still room for some humour in politics. Especially young people need that."

The N-VA campaigns for the cessation of Flanders from Belgium with efforts on preserving Flemmish culture and the Dutch language in that region. Although the party previously advocated for stronger ties with the European Union, in recent years it has become more sceptical of the bloc.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that the idea of buying Greenland was being discussed by the Trump administration.

Greenland, a self-ruling part of Denmark located between the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, is dependent on Danish economic support.

The news was quickly ruled out by Danish officials, with the prime minister Mette Frederiksen  calling the move “absurd”.

Adding to the blow, the former Danish prime minister mocked Mr Trump’s ambitions, saying that it “must be an April Fool’s Day joke… but totally out of sesson [sic]”.

Mr Trump then cancelled his trip to Denmark after his attempts to buy the Arctic island were firmly rebuffed.

On Wednesday he said Ms Frederiksen’s comments were “not very nice”.