Burger King launches plant-based burger not suitable for vegetarians

The burger is unsuitable for vegetarians or vegans because of the way it is cooked

Fast food giant Burger King is facing a backlash from disgruntled vegans and vegetarians after it launched its first plant-based burger in the UK on Monday.

Though the patty contains no meat or animal products, the Rebel Whopper is cooked on the same grills as the beef burgers in the company’s restaurants.

The burger will not be an option for Britons trying out veganism for January as part of a crowd funded campaign to challenge people to stop eating animal products for the month.

The launch was met with frustration on social media.

“Not suitable for vegetarians let alone vegans. What is the point?” wrote one Twitter user.

“What a wasted opportunity,” wrote another.

Other users accused Burger King of “jumping on the bandwagon” after successful fast food launches of vegetarian options from KFC and McDonalds.

Burger King says the launch is more about offering so-called flexitarians – people wanting to reduce their meat consumption - with another option.

Katie Evans, Marketing Director of Burger King, said: “This really is a game changer – we wanted our first plant-based Whopper to replicate the indulgence and flame-grilled taste of the real thing as closely as possible, and we’re thrilled with the result.”

“We’re delighted to satisfy the demand for this highly-anticipated product and finally bring the Rebel to the UK,” she added.