Spain arrests Algerian on trafficking and terrorism charges

Spanish police suspect the man of running a major people trafficking group

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Police in Spain have arrested an Algerian man on suspicion of leading a major people trafficking group and of sending ISIS recruits to Libya.

On Thursday, Spain’s Guardia Civil said the man was suspected of leading a gang that trafficked people from North Africa to Europe and sent fighters to Islamist groups in Libya.

The intelligence services said the man, who has not been identified, was detained on July 31 on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.

In a statement, police said he is also suspected of facilitating the movement of Islamist fighters to Libya from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, using revenue from the group’s human trafficking activities.

Authorities also suspect the trafficking organisation has sent terrorists from Algeria to Spain, and some of them have been arrested.

Interpol and Algeria co-operated in the man’s arrest. He had several identity documents and moved around frequently, the police said.

The investigation is continuing and police said more arrests could be made.

Updated: August 5th 2021, 1:34 PM