Beyond the Headlines podcast: How will a reshaped US Congress affect Middle East affairs?

We speak to an expert on Middle Eastern-US affairs in this week's episode

US President Donald Trump’s Republican party can no longer claim complete control of a two-branch Congress, after his rival Democratic party last week won control of the House of Representatives. The Senate, however, is still controlled by the Republicans.

Newly empowered Democrats are expected to take Trump to task on many issues domestically, but to what extent will his foreign policy be affected? Specifically, how might Trump's agenda in the Middle East change?

We ask an expert on US-Middle Eastern affairs that question and more in this week's episode of Beyond the Headlines. Listen here:

Danielle Pletka, the senior vice-president for foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, spoke with The National's Naser Al Wasmi, and explained the influence of a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives on Trump's Middle Eastern agenda. Will his tough stance on Iran strengthen or wane? Will new checks to his Republican party hinder the administration's goals for the region?


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