Man rescued after found naked inside wall of New York state theatre

It is believed the man was stuck inside a crawl space for two days

A man was rescued on Friday after being trapped inside the walls of a theatre in Syracuse, New York state.

Firefighters were called at about 7:30am local time, the BBC reported, citing the Syracuse fire department. The call was made after someone was heard banging on the wall and pleading for help.

John Kane, deputy chief of the Syracuse fire department, told local US media the man had hidden in a crawl space for two days and was trapped after he fell inside the wall of the theatre's male bathrooms.

It is believed the man was stuck there for two days. Rescuers cut through the theatre's walls and found him naked, local media said. He is being treated at a local hospital.

In a statement on Facebook, Syracuse fire department said it was not clear how he had gained access to the crawl space behind the wall.

“It is believed that the person, an adult male, entered the theatre 2-3 days ago,” the statement said.

Landmark Theatre director Mike Intaglietta told local news outlet the man had been seen wandering around the building earlier in the week.

Employees who saw him lost track of his location and assumed he had left, Mr Intaglietta recalled.

“I don't know if he was entering to keep warm or to use the bathroom. I don't know,” he added.

The man was treated and transported to Upstate University Hospital. There are no updates to his current condition.

Updated: November 6th 2021, 5:31 AM