Woman’s description of sheep leads Abu Dhabi police to counterfeiters

Bangladeshi national M M, 41, is alleged to have purchased the sheep, said to be of top quality, from an Emirati woman for Dh10,000.

A woman who was cheated out of two prize sheep could not identify the man who paid for them with counterfeit notes – but she sure knows her ovines.

Abu Dhabi Police said a Bangladeshi man bought the top-quality sheep from the Emirati woman for Dh10,000, in fake Dh100 notes. They said he told her the sheep were to be used for religious sacrifice.

When she found out the notes were not real, the woman could not identify the suspect.

But she gave such an accurate description of her animals that officers tracked the suspect to a livestock market where he was preparing to sell them for Dh2,000.

The sheep were returned and the man was arrested.