Woman rescued from fire caused by faulty phone charger in Ajman

Ajman Police said fire started from her mobile phone charger and urged people not to charge their phones while sleeping.

AJMAN // A 47-year-old woman has been rescued after a fire started in her apartment.

Ajman Police and Civil Defence teams found the Asian woman on her bed after the fire broke out due to a faulty phone charger, said Col Abdulla Al Hamrani, deputy commander general at Ajman Police.

“While police patrols were doing their tasks at 7am, they found heavy smoke coming out from a residential apartment in Liwara area in Ajman,” he said.

“They called the operations room and Civil Defence, and then they knocked the door to inform the woman about the smoke but there was no answer from her, which led them to break the door and enter, which is when she was found unconscious.”

The woman was taken to hospital and the fire was extinguished.

Col Al Hamrani urged people not to leave their mobile phones on charge while they sleep.