Woman jailed for 'leasing' prostitute for a month

A woman who attempted to "lease" another woman for sex is jailed for three years by a Dubai court.

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DUBAI // A woman who attempted to "lease" another woman for sex was yesterday jailed for three years by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance. The Uzbek woman, BN, was convicted of attempted human trafficking and incitement to prostitution. Prosecutors said she had given an undercover police informant a month-long "lease" on another Uzbek, MS, 23, for Dh20,000 (US$5,500). BN, 38, who had denied the charges in April, was arrested on September 11 last year in the Rifaa area of Bur Dubai outside a hotel where she had just concluded the deal with the informant, who was posing as a customer.

MS was also yesterday sentenced to a year in prison for practising prostitution. The negotiations between the informant and BN was recorded on tape, and he gave her money that had been marked in advance. When the exchange was complete, undercover officers moved in and arrested BN. The court heard that BN had admitted to police that she had agreed to give the informant a woman for a month. She led them to MS in the hotel bar. MS told officers that BN had told her she would send her to have sex with a man for two days for Dh2,000.