Woman claims she was raped after letting her homeless friend stay over on Christmas Day

The Russian woman told the Dubai court that she felt sorry for her friend, who had lost his job and home, but he got drunk and raped her.

DUBAI // A woman who let her homeless drunk friend stay at her apartment on Christmas Day claims she was raped by him.

Russian D G, 25, told Dubai Criminal Court on Wednesday that she had taken pity on him because he had lost his job and home.

“He came to my apartment and we stayed talking until 1am and I told him he can sleep in my apartment if he likes, because my roommate was not sleeping in the apartment that day,” she told prosecutors.

“I told him he can use the separate bed next to mine – it was two metres away from mine – he then sat on my bed and pushed me back on the bed.

“He grabbed me with one hand and put the other on my mouth, to keep me from screaming. He is very strong and big. I begged him to let go of me but he refused.”

She said he then raped her on the bed. Afterwards, she asked if she could go to the bathroom. “I wore my pants and socks and ran out of the apartment,” she said.

Russian waitress R A, 25, said: “At 3am on the day of the incident, D G came to my apartment in tears.

“She told me that she was raped by her drunk friend. The defendant came knocking on my apartment door after 15 minutes but we didn’t let him in.

“He wanted to talk to D G to apologise. He had blood on his neck when we saw him from the peephole of the door. DG slept in my apartment and, in the morning, she went back to her apartment after she asked building security to open it up.”

Four days later, the victim told a couple of friends about what happened and how she was afraid to go to police for fear of being jailed. One of her friends then called police and reported the incident.

Emirati policeman A H, 40, testified: “We took some clothes from the victim to test for DNA, and we apprehended the victim.

“He denied raping the friend and told us that it was consensual.”

The next hearing will be on May 28 to summon the defendant, A A, 29, who was not present in court.


Published: May 21, 2014 04:00 AM