Woman charged with blackmail, blasphemy and insulting Islam

Moroccan nightclub dancer left series of messages on ex boyfriend's phone

A woman has been charged with blackmailing her former boyfriend by threatening to send videos of him to his new wife, a court has heard.

The Moroccan nightclub dancer also stands accused of blasphemy and insulting Islam during several voicemail messages she left on her ex’s phone.

At a hearing at Dubai Criminal Court, prosecutors told how the former couple had met two years ago and fallen in love.

But after the woman, 35, failed to control her drinking, the relationship ended in May last year.

“She blamed me for leaving her and said she needed money,” said her Emirati ex, 35.

“I sent her Dh5,500 before I switched my phone off and didn’t take her calls.”

The court heard that the man later changed his phone to avoid being called by the woman.

But she somehow obtained his new number, and continued to call him and his family with threats and abuse.

She then sent two old videos of herself and the man kissing and threatened to forward them to his mother and wife.

“I was out of the country but when I returned in August last year I reported her to authorities,” the man told the hearing.

“I handed them my phone to extract all the threats and insults.”

Prosecutors said investigators found five threatening voice messages on the man’s phone.

During police interviews she admitted to the charges but then failed to turn up to court.

A verdict is expected on March 24.

Published: March 10, 2019 04:33 PM