WATCH: Public Services cleaner caught dumping rubbish on RAK beach

The incident happened the night before the start of a clean-up campaign

A video showing a Public Services cleaner dumping rubbish on a Ras Al Khaimah beach a day before the start of a clean-up campaign went viral on Friday.

The video was recorded on Shaam beach by a bystander and showed the worker throwing garbage on the sand from a black plastic rubbish bag. A clean-up campaign was scheduled to begin the following morning.

The campaign, which was organised by The Environment Protection and Development Authority in collaboration with RAK Public Services Department, was cancelled after the video went viral.

The manager of RAK Public Services Department said in a statement that the department has initiated an investigation that will include officials at the department and the Environment Protection and Development Authority.

“It’s shocking behaviour and doesn’t represent the department’s strict policies and regulations. We are investigating the incident and all the officials involved in organising the clean-up campaign will be questioned,” said Ahmed Al Hammadi.

Mr Al Hammadi urged RAK citizens to report any similar incidents directly to the department.

People on social media shared the video, saying it showed a shameful act and asking the authorities to investigate the incident.