Warning: don't turn Eid fun into a tragedy

Officials warn of the hazards of celebrating Eid.

DUBAI // Parents who fail to keep a close eye on their children during Eid risk turning the celebration into a tragedy.

That is the message from Dubai's Public Health and Safety Department, whose director Redha Hassan Salman warned parents needed to ensure their children were sensible in how they used the extra time and money available to them during the period.

"A few incidents can turn a family celebration into a tragic event which in turn affects the whole community," Mr Salman said. "For example, we have investigated a few drowning cases where parents looked away for just one moment, so please do not leave your children unattended."

Children left to play with dangerous and unsuitable toys, sharp tools and garden equipment, wires and electricity, were also a concern.

"When purchasing toys, parents must ensure these are bought from reputable companies and suitable for the child's age and capability, even when allowing them to play on rides in the malls or fairgrounds," said Mr Salman.

When spending time outside, he said people needed to drink plenty of water and avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.


Published: August 30, 2011 04:00 AM