UAE legal Q&As: Is it illegal to teach Christianity in UAE schools?

One reader asks about teaching religion at school, while another wants to know what can be done about an ex-girlfriend harassing a couple.

I’d like to know if it is forbidden in the UAE by law or by Abu Dhabi Education Council regulation to teach the Christian religion at private schools on a voluntary basis? By voluntary I mean that each parent can choose whether their child will participate. I am asking because the teachers at my children’s school are saying that teaching Christianity is forbidden. Is there a law that says this?

In the UAE, there are schools that are licensed to teach both Islam and Christianity but each emirate has its own educational zone that regulates schooling under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education. Guidelines from the ministry dictate that some schools are allowed to teach Christianity while others are not. I advise that you visit the ministry to see if the teaching of the religion is permissible at your child’s school. Whether or not that teaching is voluntary or not is irrelevant as it is merely about whether it is allowed at that particular school or not.

The ex-girlfriend of my boyfriend is harassing me on the phone, in person and through social media, posting photos of him and her kissing on Facebook. I wanted to know if there is anything I can do about it legally?

The boyfriend can file a legal case against him accusing her of defaming him and, in addition, she is using images of him and posting them online without his permission. You would not legally be allowed to file the case as the image is not of you. However, when it comes to the harassing phone calls, it is within your rights to go to police and report her. Officers will have her sign an undertaking not to harass you again and, if she does, you can report her again and take her to court.

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Published: September 24, 2016 04:00 AM