UAE Friday sermon: all good words and deeds are due to Allah

The sermon will highlight the core message of Islam to spread peace, mercy, love and goodness among all the people of the world

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The testimony of faith that worshippers recite while sitting in prayer includes meaningful messages to learn from, Muslims will be reminded on Friday.

Known as Al Tashahhud, the testimony is recited in every prayer once or twice.

It starts by greeting God, “because greetings are normally the opening of any kind of speech”, the sermon explains.

After the greeting, the worshipper testifies that all prayers and acts of worship are due to Allah and nobody else. After that, the worshipper testifies that all good words and deeds are due to Allah.

"In Tashahhud the Muslim further confers peace and blessings on our Master and Prophet Mohammed, saying, 'Peace be on you, O Prophet!' 

"Saying so, the believer addresses the Prophet with peace while recalling his guidance and wisdom for he was the Messenger of mercy and peace. 

"Furthermore, our Master Mohammed has also taught us to invoke peace upon ourselves and other righteous people in the Tashahhud."

The worshipper goes on to say: “Peace be on us and on the pious servants of Allah.”

“Among the other merits of Tashahhud is that it teaches the Muslim the correct way to implore to their Lord the Most Exalted,” the sermon says.

"So, one begins with praising Allah the Almighty, followed by invoking Allah's peace and blessings upon His Messenger and then invoke Allah to confer the same on him and all the believers."

A Hadith says: "When one of you performs prayer (and wants to supplicate), then let him begin by expressing gratitude to Allah and praising Him. Then, let him invoke Allah for the Prophet, then let him supplicate after that, whatever he wishes."

A verse from the Quran also quotes Prophet Noah as saying: "My Lord, forgive me and my parents and whoever enters my house a believer and the believing men and believing women."

The sermon concludes: “Among the other things that worshippers can learn from reciting the Tashahhud supplication in each prayer is to invoke their Lord to confer peace upon themselves and then on other righteous believers.

“Indeed, this is one core message of Islam which came to spread peace, mercy, love and goodness among all the people of the world.”