Two people badly hurt and 15 pupils injured after school bus crash in Dubai

Motorists heading towards Sharjah faced huge tailbacks near Business Bay Crossing after bus collided with water tanker

Two people were seriously hurt and more than a dozen pupils injured in a major accident involving a school bus and a lorry in Dubai on Monday morning.

A total of 15 pupils, the bus driver and the bus supervisor were taken to Rashid Hospital for treatment following the crash.

The hospital said 14 of the pupils were released following treatment for minor injuries, while one child required further medical supervision.

The driver and supervisor suffered severe injuries which the hospital said required "medical intervention".

They received care in the intensive care unit and remain in hospital.

Motorists headed towards Sharjah were caught up in huge tailbacks at the Business Bay Crossing towards Al Rebat Road, following the collision between the water tanker and the school bus at about 7am.

The bus was carrying pupils from Our Own English High School - Al Warqa, a Gems Education school, Dubai Police said.

"An #accident on Business Bay Crossing between 'Our Own English High School - Al Warqa'a' school bus and a water tanker resulted in 15 minor injuries among pupils...all [parties] have been transferred to Rashid Hospital," Dubai Police said on its official Twitter page.

The school bus and the water tanker were towed away at about 8.30am.

In a statement to The National, a Gems Education spokesperson said: “All students are safe, however, a small number of students and staff sustained minor injuries and have been taken to hospital where they are being treated.

"All other students who were involved have been taken back to school and have been given a thorough check-up by the school doctor.

"Our priority is to ensure that our students are safe and secure. We can confirm that all students had their seat belts on at the time of the accident, which was in slow moving traffic at Business Bay.”

Police urged drivers to take extra care on the roads.

“Traffic congestion due to a severe #accident on Business Bay Crossing towards Al Rebat Road. Please be extra cautious and take alternative ways,” Dubai Police said in an earlier tweet.

Updated: September 9, 2019 07:21 PM


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