Relief for UAE motorists as petrol prices set to fall in July

Fall in prices at the pump comes amid Opec agreeing to increase output by one million bpd this month, lowering oil prices


ADNOC Petrol station.

(Photo by Reem Mohammed/The National)

Reporter: John Dennehy
Section: NA

Filling up your car at the pumps in July will cost less than it did in June.

ENOC today released the fuel prices, inclusive of VAT, for next month.

The price of Super 98 fall 7 fils per litre, Special 95 will decrease by 6 fils, and diesel will decrease by 5 fils.

Here's the breakdown:

• Super 98: Dh2.56 a litre (down from Dh2.63 in June)

• Special 95: Dh2.45 (down from Dh2.51)

• Diesel: Dh2.66 (down from Dh2.71)

Since the start of the year, the price at the pumps has been steadily increasing. This will bring the price of petrol between May and June prices.

Fuel prices were liberalised about two years ago, so prices now move with the market.

This week it was announced that Abu Dhabi motorists will have to pay for an attendant to fill up their cars, or pump their own petrol, from June 30.

Opec endorsed a one million barrels per day increase in output earlier this week in an attempt to moderate prices at a time when US sanctions on Iran and Venezuela threaten to throw the oil market into turmoil.


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