Ramadan 2018: Abu Dhabi adjusts paid parking timings

Mawaqif fees will be split into two periods for the duration of the holy month

Paid parking timings in Abu Dhabi will be changed for the duration of Ramadan, the Department of Transport announced on Sunday.

Drivers can park for free around mosques during taraweeh prayers, and paid parking times will be split into two periods – from 9am to 2pm, and 9pm to 2.30am.

On Thursdays, the second period runs from 9pm until midnight. Parking will be free from 12.01am on Fridays until 8.59am on Saturdays.

Those attending taraweeh prayers are exempt, provided that they do not obstruct traffic.

Residents-only parking for permit holders operate between 9pm and 8am.


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This year, bus services in Abu Dhabi will not be suspended for two hours for iftar and the number of routes have been reduced.

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