Almost 180 motorists fined for tailgating in Abu Dhabi

Sensors to spot tailgating on the capital's roads were activated on January 15

Abu Dhabi is the least congested capital city in the world, according to a new traffic study. The National
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Almost 180 motorists were fined for tailgating in Abu Dhabi in less than one week.

Police said 178 drivers were caught driving too closely to the car in front and were fined Dh400 between January 15 and 19.

Sensors to catch tailgaters were activated across the country's capital two weeks ago in an effort to stifle reckless driving.

Police told Emarat Al Youm, an Arabic-language newspaper, that dozens of drivers had already been caught flouting traffic laws.

Article 84 of the UAE traffic law penalises drivers who block the movement of vehicles with a Dh400 fine, as well as those tailgating.

Police announced the roll-out of the new technology this month, saying a text-message warning would be sent to drivers for tailgating the first time. Any subsequent offence would incur a fine and four black points on the motorist's licence.

Police called on drivers to leave at least two seconds between the car in front during good weather to reduce the risk of accidents if traffic suddenly slows.

If the road is unpaved, weather is poor, or the vehicle in front is a lorry, more than two seconds should be left between vehicles, police said.

“Statistics during the past years show that failing to leave sufficient safe distance is one of three main causes of accidents,” Brig Salem Al Dhaheri, Deputy Director of Abu Dhabi Police Traffic Department, previously said.

“Not leaving enough distance can also be the fault of the driver who did not clear the way for the person coming from the back or from the left.”