Dubai delivery drivers banned from the fast lane

They are also not allowed to use backpacks

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Delivery riders in Dubai have been banned from the left lane, guidelines announced by the Roads and Transport Authority stipulate.

They are not allowed to use backpacks for deliveries and must not travel at more than 100 kilometres per hour to reduce accidents, the new RTA manual says.

Those caught in the wrong lane risk a fine of Dh500 the first time, and Dh700 on the next occasion. If it happens three times, it will lead to a suspension of their permit.

The manual sets out rules for delivery riders including the need to indicate at least three seconds before making a manoeuvre and to “avoid dangerously manoeuvring through traffic”.

They must also wear a protective helmet as well as a long-sleeved T-shirt or blouse with protective padding or elbow pads.

They are permitted to wear a jacket with their company logo in the winter months.

Riders will also be equipped with towels to help reduce the effect of sweating when working in such high temperatures.

Fully covered safety shoes must be worn. Sandals are not permitted.

The RTA developed the new manual with Dubai Police and Dubai Municipality.

Police criticised delivery companies last year after 12 riders died on the emirate's roads during Covid-19 restrictions

Captain Salem Al Amimi said there was no excuse for these deaths as the roads were empty at the time.

The officer said the desire for profits had eclipsed safety as delivery companies put too much pressure on drivers when demand for orders surged.

Updated: July 13, 2021, 9:58 AM