Three jailed for a year for possessing crystal meth

The judge sentenced the three to a year in prison and fined them all Dh20,000.

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DUBAI // Three men were jailed for a year and fined Dh20,000 for possessing crystal meth.

Officers were tipped off that D S was selling the drugs near a police station and set up a sting operation, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Wednesday.

Emirati police officer S G, 35, said: “We were informed that Filipino D S 30, was selling crystal meth. We had photographed a Dh500 bill and gave it to our informant. We drove to the area where D S lived. He got in the car with our informant and drove off to a building near Al Moraqabat police station, where they parked.”

“A Filipino G B, 27, came down and sat in the car behind D S. After a short period of time, our informant sent a signal to us that the drug deal was complete.”

Officers then arrested the men.

“We seized the Dh500 that we photographed earlier, [and] our informant handed us a bag that contained the crystal meth,” the officer said. It contained 0.18 grams of the drug.

When the police interrogated G B, he said he paid Dh500 for the drugs from his compatriot F A 31, and wanted to sell it on for Dh700, to make money.

Judge Maher Salamah sentenced the three to a year in prison and fined them all Dh20,000.

They will be deported after completing their sentence.