'Thirsty' Dubai airport baggage handler took two mangoes

Worker 'caught on security camera taking two pieces of fruit'

A Dubai airport baggage handler was charged with theft after stealing two mangoes worth Dh6 at work.

The Indian man, 27, who has worked at the airport for three years, told prosecutors he took them because he was thirsty but could not find water.

“I was at Terminal 3 loading luggage and I was very thirsty," he told prosecutors. "I looked around looking for water but found none, then I spotted the box of mangoes."

The man took two from the box, ate them and continued working.

The incident happened on August 11 2017 but the accused was not summoned to police until April last year, after an airport inspector saw the theft on old CCTV footage.

“Police asked me if I had opened a box and taken two mangoes," the worker said. "I said ‘yes’.

"Then they asked me if I took anything else and I said ‘no’ because it’s true."

Police searched his room for any other stolen items but found nothing.

At Dubai Criminal Court, the man was charged with theft, which he denied, saying it was not in his intention to steal, just to quench his thirst.

The case was adjourned until September 23, when he will receive his verdict.

Updated: September 13, 2019 01:20 AM