Sexual assault charges brought against Dubai beauty salon owner by employees

Prosecutors said Filipinos M A, 23, J D, 32, W J, 25, E P, 25 and R K, 23, had all given false testimonies under oath at the Dubai Public Prosecution.

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DUBAI // Five women, who wanted to quit their jobs as manicurists at a beauty salon in Dubai, filed a false report accusing their boss of sexual assault, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday.

Prosecutors said Filipinas M A, 23, J D, 32, W J, 25, E P, 25, and R K, 23, had all given false testimonies under oath at Dubai Public Prosecution on May 12 in a case of sexual assault and incitement for committing a sin, which they filed against the salon owner.

The women claimed they had been molested by the owner and filed a report with the police, which referred it to prosecution.

An investigation into the alleged incidents was opened.

During interrogation, the testimonies of the five women differed.

Their Filipina supervisor, E P, 36, who was in her home country on annual leave at the time of the report being filed, returned and was called by prosecution to give testimony.

“I was stunned when I was told what the women said. I have been working for this man at his salon for 11 years and have never seen any inappropriate behaviour from him,” the supervisor said.

She said that being their supervisor, she had been with all five women at all times in the salon, and said they had never complained about the owner.

Shortly before she went on leave, E P said the women had expressed a wish to resign and return home, but she told them to wait until she had returned from her holiday.

“It’s obvious they had planned this in order to be sent back to the Philippines,” the supervisor said, adding that the owner had always been caring and decent with all of them.

“He paid all medication costs for R K when she fell sick, and offered his help to any of them who needed it. He is a good man,” E P said.