Residents keen to clean corniche

Bits of Sharjah's Buhairah Corniche are being polluted, and residents want something to be done about it.

SHARJAH // Residents are asking authorities to intensify cleaning campaigns to get rid of rubbish thrown into Khalid Lagoon on Buhairah Corniche.

The area is a popular gathering spot at weekends, but many residents say the water has become murkier and rubbish can be seen floating on the surface.

"It's carelessness to just throw rubbish in the sea," said Ahmed Makhdoom, who lives nearby.

"There are times when it even gets smelly as you go around the place, especially in the mornings."

Even simple pastimes add to the mess - he saw children throwing paper aeroplanes into the water.

Authorities need to step up punishment and enforcement, said another resident, Luqman Khuzaymah. "What is the fine for throwing a paper in water? Nothing," he said.

"There are traffic fines for littering on the roads and this habit is almost non-prevalent. Our people understand the language of fines."

Abu Hassan Ali, another resident, said Buhairah Corniche and Khalid Lagoon were the most beautiful parts of the city and their image should be a concern to authorities.

"There are recycling bins at the corniche but this should be complemented with permanent cleaners," he said. "Residents would be ashamed to throw rubbish after seeing a cleaner collecting it."

The municipality has organised clean-up campaigns, said Jaafar Ali, the director of solid waste. "We have put recycling bins throughout the corniche and urged residents to use them," he said. "Some visitors just enjoy throwing rubbish in the water. Others are just children playing."

In a municipality effort this month, 890 kilograms of waste was cleared from the lagoon and 630kg from Al Khan strip. This included plastic cups and plates, glass and tyres.

Mr Ali's department has offered a proposal to the Department of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture for redevelopment, including toilets and fast food restaurants.

Published: August 30, 2011 04:00 AM