Policeman shot colleague after accusing him of rape, Dubai court told

The 26-year-old Yemeni patrol sergeant said he shot his fellow officer because he had drugged and raped him along with two other men 15 days earlier.

DUBAI // A policeman who shot and killed a colleague he accused of raping him had no signs of forced sex, Dubai Criminal Court has been told.

“We can confirm sex has taken place through semen or bruises on the privates of the victim, and I found neither on the defendant’s body,” a forensic expert said.

But the expert said that such signs could disappear with time.

The Yemeni patrol sergeant, 26, confessed to murder and said he shot his fellow officer because he and two other men had drugged and raped him 15 days earlier.

The other two men were investigated but no charges were laid because of a lack of evidence.

The defendant was due to start his shift on November 8 last year when he went to get his gun, bullets and handcuffs from the deceased, who was an armoury officer at Al Raffa police station.

He pointed his gun at the 53-year-old victim and fired three times at his head, killing him instantly, then turned himself in.

A police officer said he saw the defendant stand behind the victim and heard him say: “When you and that other man came to my residence, what did you do to me?”

He then shot the officer, the witness said.

“I didn’t think it was serious, I thought they were joking,” said the Emirati witness, who told the officer in charge what had happened.

The commander of the police station told the court the defendant came to him shortly after the shooting.

“He told me he was surrendering himself for killing his colleague so that legal action could be taken against him. He then handed me his weapon,” the commander said.

He said that when he asked the Yemeni why he had shot his colleague, he replied that the officer and another man had sexually assaulted him about 15 days earlier.

“He told me that the officer had gagged him with a cloth with some chemical on it. It made him lose consciousness. When he woke up, he figured that he had been raped,” said the commander.

A medical examination concluded that the defendant was sane, aware and responsible for his actions. The next hearing is scheduled for October 19.


Published: September 7, 2016 04:00 AM


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