No DNA evidence found in alleged rape of school girl

A DNA expert was unable to find any evidence that a school janitor had had contact with a 7-year-old he is accused of raping.

ABU DHABI // No DNA from a school cleaner was on the girl he was found guilty of raping in April last year, and none of hers was found on him, a DNA expert told the Appeals Court on Wednesday.

In the second appeals trial of the school janitor, I K, who was sentenced to death twice by the criminal and appeals courts for raping the seven-year-old school girl, the court heard testimony from the police DNA expert who tested the samples.

She said I K was brought along with five other janitors, who were also suspects in the case, for testing.

They took samples from all of the men and none were found to contain cells from the girl.

I K, however, who was 56 at the time, was named as the culprit by the girl, S, and he was charged in the case.

The expert said that although no DNA was found on him or the girl’s body or clothes, it does not necessarily mean there was no contact between them.

“The samples were taken after some time. The girl went home and her mother saw the marks and then brought her to the lab with her underwear. Then the suspects were brought in and we took samples.

“If he had simply washed with water, the effects of her cells will disappear,” she said.

Chief justice Dr Khairi Al Kabbash asked the lawyer representing the victim’s family about evidence into previous sexual contact the girl had experienced, as previously shown by forensic evidence.

The lawyer said the girl was harassed by I K many times.

“When the students arrive at 6am at the school, there are no teachers or employees to greet them except this head of the snake with his snake eyes. And his nickname was ‘Babo’, which indicates he is like a father to them so they trusted him and felt secure with him,” he said.

I K’s lawyer requested that the forensics doctor who examined the girl be summoned to court for further inquiries. The case was adjourned until January 18 to summon the doctor.

Published: December 10, 2014 04:00 AM