Mufidah Abdul Rahman: Google doodle celebrates one of Egypt's first female lawyers

Rahman was the first married woman to enrol at Cairo University’s Faculty of Law

Google is celebrating Egypt’s first female lawyer, Mufidah Abdul Rahman, with a dedicated doodle on its homepage.

Born on this day 106 years ago in 1914, Rahman, who had nine children, was the first married woman to enrol at Cairo University’s Faculty of Law, and the first mother to graduate from the institution.

Her career was also defined by a series of firsts, being the first female lawyer to take cases to the Court of Cassation in Egypt; the first woman to present a case before a military court; and the first female to plead cases in courts located in the south of the country.

Rahman, who was paid in eggs and fruits when she was young, went on to plead more than 400 cases.

She also co-founded the National Feminist Party, which fought for universal suffrage in Egypt and was a member of feminist union Bint al-Nil, which advocated for women’s rights.

But she is perhaps most famous for her representation of Bint al-Nil leader, Doria Shafik, who led a march of 1,500 women on Egyptian’s Parliament in 1951 to demand better socioeconomic rights for women.

The march interrupted parliament for four hours. After being summoned to explain herself in court, Shafik chose Rahman to defend her in her trial, which was subsequently adjourned indefinitely by the judge.

It is said women's rights experienced little improvement in the immediate wake of the march, but Rahman never gave up trying to improve conditions for women in the country.

And five years later, in 1956, Egyptian women won their right to vote.

Google frequently uses its doodles to celebrate people, countries, anniversaries and events. It created its first back in July 2000 to celebrate United States’ Independence Day, and has since designed thousands more.

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