Men tell Dubai court they were unaware drugs were in their rental car

The Egyptians also said they consumed hashish but did so in Oman.

DUBAI // Two men accused of consuming hashish and possessing 46 Tramadol tablets claimed they knew nothing about the tablets that were found in their rented car.

Egyptians A M, 31, and S D, 34, told Dubai Criminal Court that they did take hashish in Oman and but, unbeknown to them, their Dubai rental car contained a stash of pills.

“We don’t know who put the tablets in the car, we can’t accuse the car rental, but we don’t know who put them there,” said S D to judges.

Both defendants were charged with possessing Tramadol and consuming hashish. They confessed to consumption but denied the possession charge.

The pair were arrested on September 26 as they crossed back into the UAE at the border post in Hatta as a customs inspector thought they were suspicious.

“They were walking suspiciously when they got out of the car, so I searched the car and found Viagra and other tablets that were found to be Tramadol,” said Emirati inspector M A.

He said the pair then confessed that they had been smoking hashish in Oman.

A verdict will be given on January 15.

Published: December 15, 2014 04:00 AM