Man who tried to rape tourist is jailed

The man tried to rape the woman while they were in a car leaving a club in Dubai

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A man who tried to rape a tourist in the back seat of his friends car will spend six months in prison.

The Norwegian woman, whose age was not disclosed in court records, met the two men in December 2016 at Hard Rock Café in Festival City and, after a chat, the three agreed to go to a club together.

“We had alcohol and I'm sure that one of them spiked my drink, because I didn't feel ok after I had it,” said the woman.

She said they all left the club together and while in the back seat of the car, the 33-year-old accused suddenly took his clothes off.
"He jumped on top of me, ripped my clothes off and touched my private parts. He tried to rape me but I resisted and his friend intervened and stopped him. After that I just remember that I was very dizzy and sleepy and the friend took me to his place where I slept until morning," she said.
The friend took the woman back to her hotel where she discovered her iPhone and credit cards were missing so she called the police.
"After she filed a theft report, she narrated what happened with her the previous night. We investigated and, using CCTV footage, identified the man who dropped her back at the hotel," said a policeman, 28.

The woman was referred to the criminal laboratory to collect samples from her body and clothes.
The report revealed that DNA samples taken from her matched that of the defendant. The report also showed that the bruises on the woman's body indicated that someone had been violent towards her – which was consistent with her recount of the attempted rape.

Police questioned the man who dropped the tourist off at the hotel and he gave them details about his friend, who they then arrested.
In court last November, the defendant, who holds a Comoros Islands passport, denied a sex assault charge.
Dubai Criminal Court convicted and sentenced the man to six months in prison to be followed by deportation.