Timeframe: Back the 1990s at Al Nasr Cinema

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Dec 22: View of the Al Nasr Cinema in Dubai. (Pawan Singh / The National) Story by Praveen *** Local Caption ***  PS07- ALNASR CINEMA.jpgPS07- ALNASR CINEMA.jpg

Do you remember Britpop, the Discman, Tamagotchi and the Spice Girls? If you can then you were probably a child of the 1990s. And during the week, Twitter users have been reminiscing about life here during that decade. It was a world without Emirates Palace or the Burj Khalifa, when going to the mall meant the Hamdan Centre. Many of the tweets recalled long-gone entertainment options. One in particular was the Al Nasr Cinema in Dubai, which we can see in this photograph from 2008. Located on Oud Metha Road, it was one of the country's oldest cinemas and showed a mix of English and Malayalam films among others until it closed in 2006. A fire finally destroyed the premises two years later. Al Nasr was just one of several old cinema houses that closed around this time - victims of changing tastes and the new multiplexes that came with the development of the country.


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