Further reading: books and archives

Other publications to read about the life and times of the UAE.

Abu Dhabi - Life & Times: Through the Lens of Noor Ali Rashid (Motivate Publishing, 2003). A pictorial history of the capital by Sheikh Zayed's official photographer.

Biladi UAE: The Land of History and Home of the Future, by Arwa Al Qassimi (self-published, 2010). A snapshot of the UAE in words and pictures, with a special emphasis on family history.

United Arab Emirates: The First 30 Years, by Ramesh Shukla (Motivate, 2002).

A pictorial history of the country by Sheikh Rashid's official photographer.

A Century in Thirty Years: Sheikh Zayed and the United Arab Emirates, Washington, DC (Middle East Policy Council, 2000).A book of excerpts from an April 20, 1999, conference convened by the Middle East Policy Council held in Washington.

The Desert Falcon, by Claud Morris(Morris International, 1974).The story of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates.

From Rags to Riches: A Story of Abu Dhabi, by Mohammed Al-Fahim (Makarem, 2007). A history of Abu Dhabi, through the personal recollections of the first vice president of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

From Trucial States to United Arab Emirates, by Frauke Heard-Bey (Motivate Publishing, 2004).A history of the development of the country written by a German expatriate who started working for the Center for Documentation and Research in 1969.

Leadership: A Collection Of Speeches, Stances, Meetings and Instructions of H H Sheikh Zayed President of United Arab Emirates since 1971, collected by Mohammed Khalil, edited by Shams al Deen al Duaify (Book & Publishing ECT, 1972).

Saqr: Fifty Years and More, by Graeme H. Wilson (Media Prima, 2007). A unique insight into the man behind the crown, his vision, his accomplishments and struggles to bring out Ras al Khaimah from poverty and into its own after the collapse of the pearl fishing trade.

Sheikh Zayed - Life and Times, 1918-2004, Through the Lens of Noor Ali Rashid (Motivate Publishing, 2005). A pictorial history of Sheikh Zayed by his official photographer.

The UAE - Visions of Change, by Noor Ali Rashid (Motivate, 2007).A pictorial history of the country.

The United Arab Emirates: A Modern History, by Muhammad Morsy Abdullah (Makarem, 2007). A detailed history of the country and its relationship with the region, by the head of the Center for Documentation and Research.

Zayed: From Challenges to Union, by Jayanti Maitra (Center for Documentation and Research, 2007).

The Golden Bubble: Arabian Gulf Documentary, by Roderic Owen (Collins, 1957). A book by an expatriate who lived in the region.


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