More than 1,000 in remote areas get specialist treatment through Absher scheme

The initiative is run by Ambulatory Health Services (AHS), overseen by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha).

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Abu Dhabi // More than a thousand patients in remote areas received specialist treatment this year thanks to an outreach scheme.

Residents of Al Qua’a, Al Haiyir, Sweihan and Mazyad were able to visit local health centres instead of travelling to the city thanks to the Absher Doctors Programme.

The initiative is run by Ambulatory Health Services (AHS), overseen by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha).

Specialist services offered included cardiology, dermatology, obstetrics, gynaecology, orthodontics and dental implants, and ear, nose and throat consultations.

The appointments were first offered in March, then again in June, September and this month.

Seha said the programme had been successful, with nearly 1,100 patients given treatment and consultations resulting in 534 procedures, from echocardiograms to dental surgeries.

“The consistency in the number of beneficiaries of the programme validates its success in catering to the medical needs of patients in their respective areas,” said Louise Bain, chief operating officer of AHS. “We hope to continue the good work in 2014.”

She said the main objective of the programme was to ensure that those in remote areas were not denied the expert medical attention available to residents of cities.

“We are deeply encouraged by the overwhelming response from the people,” she said. “The significant number of medical procedures conducted during the sessions confirmed the timeliness and imperative need for such an initiative.”

The Absher Doctors Programme launched last year with the aim of providing “the best of health care with effective utilisation of the available human resources”, and to take specialist care to people in their own areas.

The services provided help in the early detection of diseases thanks to screenings and mobile clinics.