Emirati mother told to have unnecessary C-section by two hospitals

Emirati lost faith in what doctors were telling her so she went to a not-for-profit hospital, where she later had a natural birth.

AL AIN // An Emirati mother said she was pushed towards having an unnecessary Caesarean section by doctors at government and private hospitals.

The mother, who recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy, was told she needed surgery at the end of her eighth month, because her previous pregnancy had complications requiring a C-section and that giving birth naturally was not an option.

“The hospital made an appointment for me with the anaesthetist,” she said. “I was told about the risks and that I must always have a C-section in future pregnancies.

“I wasn’t convinced, so went to Oasis Hospital [in Al Ain] for a second opinion. I had a check-up and the doctor said I deserved a chance to deliver naturally.”

A few days later, she picked up a cold, so went to a nearby private hospital, also in Al Ain.

“The gynaecologist said the amniotic fluid for the baby was dirty and since I had already taken medication for the baby’s lungs, I should be ready to do an immediate C-section that night.”

Unconvinced, the mother returned to Oasis Hospital. An obstetrician there said the amniotic fluid, the protective liquid surrounding the unborn child, was normal and there was nothing wrong. She later gave birth naturally at Oasis Hospital.


Published: June 5, 2016 04:00 AM