Dubai cafes told not to fill baby bottles due to Covid-19 risk

The city's trading standards inspectors said parents handing bottles to staff could spread the virus

Cafes and coffee shops in Dubai have been told not to fill baby bottles with milk or water, due to the possible risk of spreading coronavirus.

Dubai Economy's trading standards unit said parents handing over bottles to staff could pose a hygiene risk.

Officials also said the practice was "against local culture", without elaborating.

"The directive was issued after it was found that visitors bring baby bottles to cafes and fill them up with coffee and beverages," the department said.

"Inspections teams from Dubai Economy promptly summoned the cafes on being alerted on the negative practice and its risks by social media users.

"Such indiscriminate use of baby bottles is not only against local culture and traditions but mishandling of the bottle during the filling could also contribute to the spread of Covid-19."

Dubai Economy said the public can alert inspectors to any bad practices they come across through the Dubai Consumer App, by calling 60 054 5555, or via

Last week, three launderettes in the city were temporarily closed due to cleanliness breaches by staff.

Hundreds of restaurants and shops have been inspected to look for breaches of coronavirus rules.