Three Dubai launderettes closed due to hygiene breaches by staff

The offences were discovered during Covid-19 safety inspections carried out by Dubai Municipality

Three launderettes were closed for flouting Covid-19 safety measures during a sweep of Dubai businesses.

Dubai Municipality carried out inspections at 167 establishments on Friday as part of ongoing efforts to enforce public health regulations.

Seven other traders were issued with warnings during the series of visits.

The outlets were not identified by Dubai Municipality.

The three businesses, all based in the Al Daghaya area of the emirate, were shut down for breaches of health measures, including the personal hygiene of staff.

Authorities across Dubai have conducted monitoring campaigns in recent months to ensure firms are complying with strict rules aimed at limiting the spread of the virus.

Venues such as shopping centres, restaurants and cafes are also subject to regular checks.

The UAE is aiming to drive down infection rates following a rise in cases in 2021.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health and Prevention announced 3,434 daily infections, bringing the overall tally to 388,594.

Active cases increased to 7,673 – up from 6,425 on Friday.

The figure had dropped to 5,421 on Thursday, which was the lowest figure for 15 weeks.

Another 15 patients died, raising the death toll in the Emirates to 1,213.