Coronavirus: UAE records 1,027 cases as recoveries exceed new infections for seventh day

Three more patients died as the country's death toll rose to 660

The UAE recorded 1,027 Covid-19 cases on Monday as recoveries exceeded new infections for a seventh consecutive day.

The latest figures were a slight increase on the 944 cases announced on Sunday, which was the first time infections had dipped below 1,000 in two months.

The country has confirmed 202,863 cases since the first local infections were reported in January.

A further 1,253 patients were given the all-clear as the recovery tally climbed to 179,925. More than 88 per cent of all cases to date have ended in recovery.

An additional 100,946 tests were conducted during the daily reporting period, raising the country's total number of tests to more than 20.4 million.

The UAE's has adopted an extensive screening strategy in an effort to limit the spread of the virus. It boasts one of the highest number of tests carried out per capita worldwide.

Less than 1 per cent of all tests conducted in the Emirates have resulted in a positive case so far.

On Monday, three more patients died of complications related to Covid-19, as the death toll moved to 660. The country's death rate is 0.3 per cent – among the lowest in the world.

The number of active cases in the country fell to 22,278.

Active cases had peaked at 24,173 on December 21, after dipping as low as 1,822 on November 4.

Although daily figures increased from the previous day, the total of 1,027 remains well below the monthly average.

The UAE reported 34,003 Covid-19 infections in the first 28 days of December, at an average of 1,214 per day.