Coronavirus: UAE mask manufacturer to go global to limit spread of pandemic

A manufacturing unit in Al Ain has been meeting local demand from healthcare workers for N95 protection masks

Protective masks manufactured in the UAE could soon be exported to help other nations slow the spread of Covid-19.

The country’s first N95 mask manufacturing facility in Al Ain has  secured sufficient orders within the country until the end of the year.

The unit has an annual capacity of more than 30 million masks and has supplied healthcare and emergency response teams across the Emirates.

“We are aware that access to PPE (personal protection equipment) is one of the biggest challenges facing countries and international organisations in their efforts to limit the spread of the Covid-19,” said Ismail Ali Abdulla, chief executive of Strata Manufacturing, part of Abu Dhabi based  Mubadala Investment Company.

He said a partnership with Honeywell helped set up the first production line for N95 masks in the Gulf region.

The unit can produce 90,000 units per day and this has reduced the need for the protective kits to be imported from overseas.

“Our focus is on meeting local demand initially and supporting the UAE government’s efforts,” he told  Wam news agency.

The company is assessing international demand with a goal of producing an additional quantity to support the global fight against Covid-19.

Producing N95 masks locally cuts costs on shipping, warehouse storage, transport and tariffs incurred during import.

The initiative was part of Mubadala's  WeAreDedicated campaign to encourage companies to step up and address the challenges posed by the coronavirus.

The masks have been certified as per international and local standards.

“By utilising our manufacturing expertise, we are in a position join this fight and address a growing domestic demand for PPE,” he said.

“We are confident that by working together, we will collectively emerge as a stronger and more resilient community.”