Coronavirus: UAE announces 392 new cases after 48,000 tests

Officials said 661 patients recovered from the virus and one died

The UAE reported 392 new cases of Covid-19 on Sunday, taking the total to 44,925.

The nationwide figures were confirmed after more 48,000 tests were carried out in the past 24 hours.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention said 661 more people recovered, with this total now standing at 32,415.

One patient died, taking the toll to 302 since the outbreak began.

The government stepped up its mass testing campaign in recent weeks as medics work their way through densely populated areas, offering free nasal swabs.

Everyone in Abu Dhabi will be tested for Covid-19, if necessary, Dr Jamal Al Kaabi, acting undersecretary for Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health, said last week.

“Our target is to eventually eliminate the virus. We will take all the necessary actions to eradicate the virus and ensure that the Emirate is free of Covid-19 – even if it requires us to test the whole population to get a handle on the virus,” he said.

This mass testing programme is part of the emirate’s early detection strategy, aimed at identifying, isolating and treating Covid-19 patients before they can spread the virus.

“People who live in high-density areas, can expect a visit from the Department of Health, Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre and/or Seha teams, to run their tests within the safety of their homes,” he said.

Meanwhile, UAE education chiefs met to discuss opening up schools and universities in September.

They were briefed on the possibility of studies resuming across general educational institutions, and also about the potential restrictions needed to reduce the risks of contracting the disease.

Globally, there have been 8.7 million coronavirus cases, causing more than 463,000 deaths.