Close contacts of Covid-19 cases spreading the virus by failing to quarantine, says DHA

People should complete 10 days of quarantine even if they have no symptoms or have tested negative

Close contacts of people who should be in quarantine at home are contributing to the spread of Covid-19, Dubai Health Authority said.

Authorities said they regularly hear “common misconceptions” from people who assume incorrectly that they present no risk to others.

Some believe they are in the clear because they have tested negative, or have no symptoms, DHA said.

Others think they are already immune because they have had Covid-19 and recovered.

All of those assumptions are wrong, it said.

The department said that people who report being “tired” of wearing masks or who continue to plan gatherings risk spreading the virus.

This month, DHA said close contacts should complete 10 days of quarantine, whether or not they test positive for the virus or show symptoms.

This is because most people develop symptoms five to six days after they have been exposed, though the incubation period can be up to 14 days, and possibly longer in some cases.

A close contact is defined as anyone who has spent more than 15 minutes with a confirmed Covid-19 case without maintaining social distancing.

The 10-day period begins from the last meeting with the confirmed case.

Infections in the UAE are currently hovering around 2,000 a day, although the vast majority of sufferers fully recover.

Since the start of the pandemic 1,140 people have died from complications caused by the virus.