Sharjah cracks down on illegal street vendors, activities

This is the second bust in the emirate in the last few weeks. The first one netted 40 street vendors and illegals.

SHARJAH // Police arrested 33 street vendors in Al Sajaa industrial area of Sharjah on Friday morning, in a bid to curtail illegal activities in the emirate.

The crackdown in coordination with Sharjah Municipality began at 6.30am.

“Street vendors set up markets near the big mosque in the area to sell contaminated food and replica goods to worshippers and residents of the area after Friday prayers,” said Col Khlifah Kalindar, director of Sharjah Comprehensive police stations.

Officers seized contaminated food, clothes, replica bags and purses in the raid.

Col Kalindar urged the public not to deal with street vendors.

“They exist because there is a demand and residents in those areas, specially near labour camps, buy these items, which may pose a risk to the buyer.”

The majority of the street vendors are illegals wanted by the authorities, he said.

“This is the second bust in the last couple of weeks. The first one netted 40 street vendors and illegals in the emirate.”

Sharjah police urged residents to report all illegal activities.

Published: September 16, 2016 04:00 AM