Health chiefs’ warning over ‘dangerous’ dietary supplement

The Ministry of Health has requested that all quantities of Mass Destruction, a dietary supplement and muscle-building product, be pulled from the market because of its dangerous health effects.

A dietary supplement could be pulled from shelves amid fears it is dangerous.

Mass Destruction, which claims to build muscle, could cause liver damage and increase the risk of heart attacks and brain seizures, according to the Ministry of Health.

Officials warn that the product’s steroid content could lead to harmful side effects such as sterility in men, masculine characteristics in women and stunt children’s growth.

The ministry has requested that the Ministry of Environment, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and Dubai Municipality pull the supplement from sale.

Dr Amin Al Amiri, assistant undersecretary for Medical Practices and Licenses at the Ministry of Health and chairman of the Supreme National Drug Awareness Committee, said the product was available in outlet stores and gyms.

He said it was not registered with the ministry’s drug registration and control department.

Dr Al Amiri urged the public not to buy drugs or such supplements online or from abroad without a medical prescription from a licensed physician.

He said the US Food and Drug Administration had issued a warning against Mass Destruction.

The Ministry of Health communicates on a daily basis with international drug monitoring and control authorities and organisations, including drug authorities in Europe, the UK, Australia and the US.

Dr Al Amiri called on the public to ignore misleading internet advertisements for these products and encouraged them to seek medical help if they suffered from any ill effects.

He said food supplements required regulation and coordination with competent authorities since many contain chemicals that are not mentioned on the label and may be banned.