Gargash tweets against those ‘made uneasy by UAE’s clarity’

Dr Anwar Gargash, the Minister of State for Foreign and FNC Affairs, has used his Twitter account to refute rumours being circulated about the country.

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ABU DHABI // Dr Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign and FNC Affairs, has taken to Twitter to refute rumours being circulated about the country.

Dr Gargash tweeted his comments to his 83,000 followers, after a series of newspaper articles in a “sister country” that he claimed were critical of the UAE.

He said those responsible “lack wisdom and stray from the collective interest of GCC countries”.

“Rumours are born and die ignored and the UAE walks its way with a steady step towards development,” Dr Gargash tweeted.

“The latest attacks are part of a series, because we have been intent on maintaining stability in the region.”

He said the UAE’s support for Egypt and its people had stirred extremist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The victory of the Egyptian people has changed the regional map and prevented it from heading towards the abyss,” Dr Gargash said.

He dispelled rumours that had recently been reported regarding Mali and the UAE’s humanitarian aid to Gaza.

“Clearly, those attacking the UAE are those setting our Arab world afire, and this tight circle is well-known and defined and knows that the UAE has a methodology and clarity that leaves it uneasy,” he said.

Dr Gargash questioned the source of the rumours and asked for proof, criticising their credibility and saying they were spread by a “villain”.

“I ask once more, where have previous rumours gone and what of their proof?” he said.

“How have those spreading them gone from rumour to rumour and have they any credibility left outside their tight circle? I doubt it.”

Dr Gargash said the UAE’s security and stability remained a model to other nations.

“The UAE remains an honouring model of an Arab country that has succeeded in achieving development, and has embraced the future until it became the favourite destination of the youth from across the Arab world,” he said.

“History will testify that the UAE raised the motto of security and stability in the Arab Gulf, away from extremism, parties and flames that touch all corners of the Arab world.”