22 illegal immigrants caught trying to enter UAE in cement mixer, police say

The federal customs authority and Sharjah Police discovered the stowaways last week

A cement mixer driver was caught trying to smuggle 22 illegal immigrants into the country at the Khatam customs centre, police said on Tuesday.

Last week, the federal customs authority and Sharjah Police discovered the stowaways, who included a girl of African origin and 21 Asians, hiding in the cement mixer of the vehicle.

Customs were tipped off about the illegal smuggling attempt and so stepped up inspections at the border.

“We received reports about a plan to smuggle immigrants into the country. Extensive inspections were carried out,” said Mr Ali Al Kaabi, chairman of the customs authority.

“Customs officers scanned cement mixer and found dozens of individuals hiding."

Officers from Al Kalba police stations, Sharjah Police and customs officers responded to the incident.

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