'The worst has passed': Sheikh Mohammed assures residents UAE will beat Covid-19

The Prime Minister said the country had worked as 'one team' to overcome the worst of the pandemic

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has assured people that “the worst has passed” when it comes to the coronavirus.

“I chaired a Cabinet meeting during which we were briefed on the latest developments in procedures to support the medical sector during the Covid-19 pandemic,” the Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai said on social media.

“The worst has passed.”

Posting online, the ruler said he had been informed about the latest situation during a Cabinet meeting.

“The UAE worked as one team during the pandemic”, and as a result, the country’s response to the crisis has been one of the best in the world, Sheikh Mohammed said.

“We also approved today the regulations governing medical and pharmaceutical products in the country,” he said.

“The goal is to ensure the presence and quality of all our national medical needs throughout the year, and in all regions of the country.”

Restrictions imposed on residents as a result of the pandemic have been gradually easing since the start of the vaccination drive.

Recoveries have been outweighing new case figures since August 9 and life in the UAE is gradually returning to normal. Over three quarters of the population is now fully vaccinated with more than 18 million doses administered to residents across the country.

Schools also began their new academic year this week, with many encouraging in-person learning. Pupils in Dubai have been told that all lessons will need to be attended on site in October, whereas other emirates are allowing unvaccinated children to continue learning remotely.

Also discussed during the meeting was the UAE Gender Balance Council led by Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed.

A restructuring of the council was approved, as was the appointment of 11 new federal court judges.

The approvals come a day after Emirati Women’s Day was celebrated throughout the country.

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Updated: August 30th 2021, 4:00 AM