Dubai sets up money-laundering court to combat financial crimes

Officials say the new court will reinforce the emirate’s global competitiveness

A new court has been set up in Dubai to tackle financial crimes.

Dubai Courts on Sunday said the court would operate within the Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal, and focus on combating money laundering.

It will aim to further raise the global competitiveness of the UAE and Dubai by reinforcing justice and transparency.

Taresh Al Mansouri, director general of Dubai Courts, said the opening of the court would help Dubai Courts improve judicial efficiency.

Dr Abdullah Al Shamsi, head of Criminal Court at the Court of First Instance, said the special court would help “reinforce compliance with international anti-money laundering and law-enforcement standards”.

He said Dubai Courts was constantly working to expedite trials, which allowed defendants to submit their defence and courts to issue rulings quickly.

Dr Saeed Al Shaali, a judge of the Criminal Court at Dubai Courts, said police and Customs agencies in the UAE sought to combat money laundering and referred offenders to the public prosecutor's office for investigation.

If there is strong evidence of a crime, the case will be transferred to the court, which will provide all parties a fair trial before pronouncing its ruling, he said.

Updated: August 22nd 2021, 6:27 PM